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At an ISHub meet-up in 2010 (the pre-cursor to Open for Change) we looked at the idea of a data portability pledge. The more generic version would we to have a "pledge to be open". Something that has been done before:

Tobias Eigen picked it up at our Open Data for Development Camp:

The idea was floated at ODDC to encourage organizations to maintain a page on their websites at the /open URL which explains in clear language their Open Data policies and how to get at the data.

Several organizations already do this, including the White House (, World Bank ( and the City of Toronto (, but it is not a standard.

Let’s talk about it – what do you think should be on every SlashOpen page? What are some good examples to follow? Would it be useful to have a search engine or directory of SlashOpen pages? Would you put a SlashOpen badge on your site to help spread the Open Data movement?

To join in the conversation, go to or mention @slashopen on twitter.

We love to support this idea, and perhaps work towards a leaderboard as done by the US Government!

So here is a placeholder for our Open for Change /open page, and a pledge to make an open pledge ourselves :-)

Open Data for Development Camp

At the Open Data for Development Camp, several participating organisations presented data sets for people to work on.