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What is a Co-Creation?

Co-creation is an open innovation methodology that brings together professionals from different organizations/companies from various sectors in order to reach creative solutions that would have never been created without the Co-Creation. In a set time period they work in multi-disciplinary groups together to come up with a creative solution for a challenge.

The Co-Creation at Open Data for Development Camp 2012 will bring together crowd policy-maker, development aid workers, researchers, journalists, ICT-staff and software developers in order to learn about the possibilities of Open Data for Development, share experiences, networks and work together on co-creation challenges.

What is a Co-Creation Challenge?

A Co-Creation Challenge is a question, challenge, issue or problem. At the ODDC 2012 there will be four Co-Creations Challenges, focussed on Open Data in different thematic areas.

The four thematic areas are:

1. Water
2. Health
3. Education
4. IFMIS (a county perspective)