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Aid Transparency & the IATI standard

Simon Parrish

AidInfo is actively involved in supporting the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) process. AidInfo provides analysis and research for IATI stakeholders to enable them to make evidence-based decisions.

Simon Parrish is currently providing support to the Technical Advisory Group of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), leading on the data formats, technical architecture and systems workstream. This will support existing and new information providers in assessing impact and implementing the IATI standard.

Simon will lead a clinic about the IATI standard and will explain the current state of affairs and upcoming developments of IATI. And he will present the business case for IATI in the “Manage the Data” sessions.

An App store for Development

Bart Lacroix, Thomas Bjelkeman
1%CLUB, Akvo

1%CLUB , Akvo and Text to Change have been discussing an online "App store for the development sector" for a while, together with other parties that participate in Open For Change.

The web app store would be a thin service layer which would enable data exchange between applications, allow the existing applications to communicate with each other, and provide other shared facilities such as authentication and billing services. The web app store would enable others to create their own web applications that would use this services layer. On top of that we would collaborate around the development processes, testing infrastructure, sharing skills and helping each other.

Thomas Bjelkeman and Bart Lacroix invite you to join the discussion and help further develop this idea. 

See a presentation about the app store here: 


A shared online services platform for the development sector

View more presentations from bjelkeman

Apps for Development Competition

Richard Murby
World Bank Institute

Richard Murby is a technologist who has spread his time between internet start-ups and international organizations. He currently is with the World Bank Institute's Innovation Practice and is part of the team that ran the Apps for Development Competition.

Richard will present the World Bank's experiences with the Apps for Development Competition and share their ideas for the future. 

Beyond "open data"

Maarten Brouwer
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DGIS

Open data and transparency are elements of a larger paradigm shift. It is not so much about accountability after implementing policies, it offers new opportunities for cooperation and public participation in making choices and developing policies.

Maarten Brouwer is Ambassador for Development Cooperation at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, and will reflect on two days of Open Data for Development Camp.

Building out Open for Change

Pelle Aardema, Gerrit Jan van 't Veen
Open for Change

Open for Change aims to increase access to data, knowledge and software applications within the global development sector. To do so we:

  • exchange knowledge on topics like open source, open data, open apps on both a national and an international level;
  • support and promote projects within the Dutch sector; to increase a sector wide understanding of the challenges and benefits of open access to data, knowledge and software;
  • set up and temporary maintain missing parts of the infrastructure to support such projects.

The basis of Open for Change is it's network of collaborating indivuals and organizations. We invite to jointly discuss, develop and improve on Open for Change's plans and ideas for the future. 

Collecting Health Data in Africa

Peter Hessels
Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)

Peter Hessels will present on options and problems of collecting health data in Africa. How could a low income benefit and what are the challenges, practically and ethically? Report from Sierra Leone.

Peter Hessels is a senior advisor in the field of ICT for development.

Data journalism

Jelle Kamsma

Finding stories in data and presenting them. What can journalists do with data and which tools are useful for the non-programming news hunter.

Some experiences of a datajournalist who is still figuring it out. 

Data sets, apps and project pitches

Present at ODDC

Various "data set owners" are attending the Camp, and some people already work on applications or projects. Each will have a chance to pitch their offers and needs in 2 to 5 minutes.

In random order:

If you're at ODDC and would like to add your data set, contact one of the ODDC team members!

Other suggested sources for data

Tools, apps, references


Developing a new knowledge partnership

Edward Anderson
World Bank

Edward Anderson works on science and technology for sustainable development. Recently focussed on geospatial and mobile apps for citizen feedback in development projects.

Edward will share the World Bank's ideas about a new initiative: a knowledge partnership on ICT for Accountability and Public Service Delivery. In this open space session your feedback and ideas are asked to help further develop this initiative. 



The Open Data for Development Camp is organized by Open for Change under the responsibility of Partos and in cooperation with and financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with co-financing of KIT, TexttoChange, Hivos, Oxfam Novib, ICCO. It is part of the shared ambition of Partos and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to report about results of Dutch international development activities in a transparent way, on the basis of open data. ODDC takes place at and is developed in cooperation with the Royal Tropical Institute.