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Open Data for Development Camp - enjoy the outcomes!

on June 8th, 2011 at 11:10:13 AM

The Open Data for Development Camp is over. On 12 and 13 May 2011 , the Open Data for Development Camp brought together a diverse crowd of development aid workers, policy-makers, researchers, journalists, IT staff, software developers in order to learn about the possibilities of Open Data in Development, share experiences, meet new partners, etc... 

Below is an overview of those two inspiring days.

Video impression



A selection of photos made by Johan Fonk for Open for Change at the Open Data for Development Camp 2011.


Open Data for Development Camp highlights challenges and

At an ISHub meet-up in 2010 (the pre-cursor to Open for Change) we looked at the idea of a data portability pledge. The more generic version would we to have a "pledge to be open". Something that has been done before:

Tobias Eigen picked it up at our Open Data for Development Camp:

The idea was floated at ODDC to encourage organizations to maintain a page on their websites at the /open URL which explains in clear language their Open Data policies and how to get at the data.

Several organizations already do this, including the White House (, World Bank ( and the City of Toronto (, but it is not a standard.

Let’s talk about it – what do you think should be on every SlashOpen page? What are some good examples to follow? Would it be useful to have a search engine or directory of SlashOpen pages? Would you put a SlashOpen badge on your site to help spread the Open Data movement?

To join in the conversation, go to or mention @slashopen on twitter.

We love to support this idea, and perhaps work towards a leaderboard as done by the US Government!

So here is a placeholder for our Open for Change /open page, and a pledge to make an open pledge ourselves :-)