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Open for Change is the network for open development: we inspire and encourage, we share what works and what doesn't, when it works and how, and we develop new models of engagement and collaboration, across disciplines and sectors


In a networked society, information and communication technologies enable us to organise ourselves and our activities in new ways. It alters the way we create, collaborate, learn and mobilise as well as who can participate and decide. Transparency and openness help us share, recycle and re-use and as a result lead to fairer use of scarce resources.

In international development cooperation more actors and stakeholders can take part in programmes and services for disadvantaged people. This leads to both an urge to adapt as well as opportunities to improve and expand.

“Open Development” embraces these developments to have more impact, to be more inclusive, to empower, and to make unheard voices heard. We want to work towards a level playing field in the political, corporate and social arena.

Our guiding values


  • “open” is not a silver bullet
  • we acknowledge challenges and the “dark side”


  • we learn by doing, and build on actual practice and experiences
  • we are guided by what works for development cooperation


  • we are a community of peers
  • we thrive on each other's feedback, encouragement and guidance
  • we fail forward, learning from our mistakes as well as our successes


  • we are flexible and embrace change, we adapt as we go along
  • solutions emerge out of constant evolutionary approaches


  • our goal is to be able to use, re-use and recycle
  • we strive for open licenses, open content, open data, open source, open standards