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Towards Open Development Data - white paper published

on June 26th, 2012 at 2:20:00 PM


In this white paper, we explore the potential of open development data as an instrument to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and legitimacy of NGO’s development processes. Open development data is part of the transition towards a more open, information-driven and networked development sector, also termed Open Development.

Open development data is hailed as a strong instrument for NGOs to make their work more transparent and be more accountable towards their stakeholders. This is expected to have a positive effect on the legitimacy question that is currently posed on the sector. Next, the active re-use of open development data promises more effective development services and management, improved flow of information, and increased opportunities for stakeholder engagement and ownership by partners in the South.

Currently, only 55 organisations have published their data in the IATI standard. The slow uptake has technological, organizational, economic, political, and cultural reasons. To overcome these hampering factors we discuss 8 next steps for the development sector. 

This paper has been prepared by TNO in collaboration with Partos and Open for Change and will serve as input for further work and research on open development (data). If you are interested to participate or support this research, please contact  Marijn Rijken marijn.rijken@tno.nlAnne-Marie Heemskerk or Rolf Kleef

Download your copy of the white paper here