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Toward a Vision and Roadmap on Open Data Strategies for the Development Sector

on January 10th, 2012 at 12:20:10 PM



Under the umbrella of Open for Change, TNO and Partos have joined forces to undertake a research project on the effects of open data for the development sector. Based on the evidence found, we will develop a vision on the effective and safe implementation of open data in the development sector. In a next phase we plan to develop a strategy and implementation roadmap. We invite you, as a stakeholder in the sector, to participate in this action an contribute to the development of the vision. By participating now you position your organization among the frontrunners of this new and potentially revolutionary development, and assure that your voice is captured in the research and vision and carried out on the relevant forums.


The development sector is increasingly adopting open policies and practices due to government regulation, pressure for transparency and accountability, initiatives from inside the sector, and opportunities that come with the rapid uptake of social media and semantic technologies. The effort in the development sector is currently focussed on budget transparency with the introduction of the IATI initiative. However, open data promises many other opportunities, for example improved inclusion and ownership in the South; increase in participation and new possibilities for the private sector that lead to innovation and development of new products and services; improved harmonisation and better allocation of resources in the field, increased transparency of governments, and more effective emergency response as a result of improved situational awareness. Although the sector welcomes these opportunities with increased interest, many effects of open development are still unclear. How exactly does open data contribute to more effective development programs? What if local regimes would use available data for political gain? What about safety or organisations and beneficiaries? How would donors respond to more transparency and openness in the sector? How to deal operationally with the practically unlimited amount of data? What are the financial cost and benefits, and what new business models can we expect?


From participating NGO’s, companies, and public organizations we ask a contribution with a minimum of 2.500 Euro to support the research project. Your organisation will be invited to participate in the vision development workshop that is scheduled for the beginning of 2012. A prompt reaction would therefore be appreciated. Your organization name and logo will be listed as a contributing partner on the public project deliverables. TNO and Partos will present the vision on various platforms such as the IATI NGO Technical Working Group (in which Partos partipates), Partos meetings, the next Open Data for Development Conference (planned for 2012) and through the Open Data Technology Alliance. For more information contact Anne-Marie Heemskerk, Marijn Rijken or Rolf Kleef or visit

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