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Open Data 101

Rolf Kleef
Open for Change / Nivocer

Rolf Kleef consults on open data and online collaboration.

Rolf will present “Open Data 101”, a general introduction on open data for practitioners.

"Open data" is a paradigm shift in how we use and produce data, comparable to how "web 2.0" changed how we use and produce web content and social media. "Open data" lets us publish raw data, combine it with other data sets, and lets people interact with information through "apps" and "visualisations".

"Open Data 101" gets you up to speed with "(linked) open data":

  • What are the key concepts and terms?
  • Using: how can open data help your campaigns?
  • Producing: how can your organisation start publishing open data?
  • Using open data: what are the possibilities and practicalities?


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