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About Open for Change

on January 6th, 2011 at 8:32:04 AM

Welcome to Open for Change; the international Network for Transparency, Collaboration and Impact in Development.

The start of Open for Change is a joint effort of numerous Dutch organisations. Our shared observation is the wide-spread interest in global development sector for Internet and in particular open access. But we also observe a constant challenge to match skills, methods, knowledge and technology to this ambition to maximize the benefits of Internet en successfully implement the principles of open access within the sector and its specific stakeholders.

Open for Change is both our playground for innovation as well as a source of knowledge and experiences. Our aim is to increase access to data, knowledge and software applications within the global development sector and especially within a network of collaborating organizations. 

To do so we:

  • exchange knowledge on topics like open source, open data, open standards on both a national and an international level;
  • support and promote projects within the sector; to increase a sector wide understanding of the challenges and benefits of open access to data, knowledge and software;
  • set up and temporary maintain missing parts of the infrastructure to support such projects.

Our strategy during the first two years is:

  • hands on implementation of projects in the Netherlands that achieve better access;
  • introduce best practices and theory from around the word in the Dutch network;
  • research and promote best practices ;
  • build a community of people working on this, and actively align initiatives, like Akvo, 1%club, Nabuur or Text to Change

Contact us at if you think you should be part the network!